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The Fuji AX-1, introduced in 1980 and also known as the Porst CR-3 automatic, was a 35mm SLR camera. As part of a trio released simultaneously with the AX-3 and AX-5, the AX-1 shared a common body but offered fewer exposure program modes.

Featuring aperture-priority AE and manual exposure modes, the camera utilized Fujica X Mount lenses. With a sleek design, it catered to photographers looking for versatility and ease of use. The AX-1's LED-equipped viewfinder provided shutter speed indication and exposure warnings.

This camera, powered by a 6V silver-oxide battery, contributed to Fuji's lineup during an era when 35mm SLRs were popular among photography enthusiasts. Its compact dimensions and straightforward functionality made it accessible to a broad range of users seeking a reliable and user-friendly SLR camera in the 1980s.

Fujica AX-1 (1980)

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