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Introduced in 1975, the Fujica ST601 served as a simplified, entry-level alternative to the ST701 (3rd version), likely aimed at achieving a specific price point or market positioning. Distinguished by a stopdown-metering design, it differed from the contemporaneous ST801 and was swiftly succeeded by the ST605 in 1976. The ST601 featured a reduced shutter speed range, from 1/2 sec to an unconventional 1/700th sec, and a maximum film speed of 1600 ASA, making it slightly heavier than the ST701. The ST605, its successor, introduced new circuitry independent of mercury cells, reverted to a 3200 ASA top film speed, and shed around 45 grams in weight. The ST601's shutter speed selector dial locks to prevent selecting speeds outside the meter's sensitivity range, a common feature in TTL metering cameras.

Fujica ST601 (1975)

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