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The Olympus OM-G, introduced in 1983 as the OM20 in some markets, marked a significant advancement in the Olympus OM series. Featuring a design reminiscent of its predecessor, the OM10, the OM-G incorporated a built-in manual shutter speed ring around the lens, eliminating the need for a separate manual adaptor. This innovation, along with other upgrades, including a PC-sync flash connection, backlit shutter speeds, warnings in the viewfinder, and built-in manual metering, marked a notable progression. The top deck underwent revisions for improved operation, with changes to the mode selection and ISO selection dials. With compatibility across the entire range of OM lenses and accessories, the Olympus OM-G offered photographers enhanced features and functionality in a compact and reliable 35mm SLR camera.

Olympus OM-G (1983)

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